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How to Use Face Wash The Right Way: You’re Missing One Crucial Step!

Do you dread washing your face because you don’t love how it feels after?


If your skin feels anything but deliciously fresh and hydrated then you’re doing it wrong!


Too often I hear from people that let me know they skip cleansing their skin because it always feels tight and dry afterwards, and they even notice an increase in pimples!


In this article, I will share the right way to wash your face, because ditching your cleansing ritual is out of the question!

What’s the deal with conventional cleansers?

Most cleansers are formulated with harsh, drying synthetic ingredients that gets the job done, in terms of stripping your skin of dirt and grime, but it ends up stripping your natural oils too!


Most cleansers are formulated without the health of your skin barrier in mind, and anything that puts your skin barrier at risk will negatively impact your skin.


Depending on your skin’s pH levels, your skin may be either too oily or too dry and neither condition is a good time.


Why you need some oil in your life

Oil cleansing is the way to skin enlightenment!


Oils help to dissolve dirt and grime, while being gentle on your skin, ensuring your skin stays perfectly balanced. 


Don’t assume that oil causes more oil! This is a myth! The powerful antioxidants in plant-based oils will actually help to clear up your skin if acne plagues you. 


We especially love avocado oil as an all round oil that is good for all skin types. It’s also rich in Vitamin E to aid in tissue repair and to help fade scars.


How to do an oil cleanse

All you’ll need is about a tablespoon of oil and a clean washcloth.


Heat the oil up between your palms by rubbing your hands together and then massage into your skin, including eye makeup for a minute or two until all dirt, oil and makeup is dissolved.


Use a warm wet washcloth to wipe the oil off your skin. 


You can do a double cleanse if you had heavy makeup on to ensure your skin is perfectly clean.


Next, spritz some of our High Vibe mist onto a cotton pad and wipe away any last traces you may have missed.


Spritz your skin again, generously, and allow to dry.


You’ll end off with a silky layer of our beautiful Superfood Serum to lock moisture into your skin and to infuse it with powerful skin lovin’ nutrients. 


Do this every day and just watch your skin transform in the best way! 


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