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3 Gorgeous Hawaiian Skin Care Ingredients We Use In Our Products

Hawaii is my home and I hold the islands very close to my heart, no matter where I find myself in the world.

Naturally, I opted to use some beautiful signature Hawaiian ingredients in my products, and their addition to my formulas resulted in products that are as good for your mind, as they are for your skin. 

In today’s article, I wanted to shine a spotlight on three of these gorgeous ingredients and why I chose them specifically!

This may be fun to think about next time you treat your skin to a spritz of my refreshing mist or next time you slather on my silky oil!


Did you know that the fragrant and prized sandalwood tree used to grow in absolute abundance in Hawaii? In fact, the Chinese referred to the islands as the Sandalwood Mountains (Tahn Heung). You can learn more about the story behind Hawaii’s sandalwood here.

There are six unique sandalwood species that can only be found on the beautiful islands and the oil is coveted for its natural healing properties.

Sandalwood oil has a wonderfully warm, woodsy scent that is popular with both men and women. Just one whiff of this fragrant oil can drastically calm the mind and body, even putting you into a meditative state. This is a beautiful oil to incorporate into your mediation practice, spritz some of my High Vibe Mist around the room before you settle in for your latest meditation for a truly peaceful experience.

It’s just as good for the skin, helping to balance sebum levels, killing acne-causing bacteria and fighting inflammation to clear, soothe and heal the skin. 


It only makes sense that in a tropical climate like Hawaii you are going to get loads of citrus fruits, tangerine being one of the top ones!

The tropical climate can cause tangerines, as well as oranges, to have a greenish tint to the skin and they may be a little harder to peel than citrus fruits grown in more temperate climates such as California. Just a fun fact for you!

Tangerine oil has a sweet and tangy aroma with antiseptic and antifungal properties making it ideal to rid the skin of impurities so you can rock a clear, glowing complexion. 

It has an uplifting and energizing effect, making it an ideal way to start your day, however, our addition of sandalwood allows you to enjoy our products at any time of the day. It will give you a boost when you need it and provide grounding when anxiety levels rise. 


You’ll find this superstar ingredient in our Skin Superfood Serum.

The common guava tree is a small tree usually found along roadsides in wetter areas, in disturbed habitats, and in wet forests. 

Not only is guava wonderfully aromatic with a hint of tartness, but the fruit also is five times more concentrated in Vitamin C than the humble orange and it will help to brighten the skin, even out skin discoloration and fight off airborne toxins.

This lovely oil helps to calm and ground the emotional and physical body, as well as helps to relieve situational anxiety, which makes it ideal for the current circumstances!

I hope you love these ingredients as much as I do! Everyone has a story and everyone was chosen with the utmost love and care to nourish not only your skin but your mind too. 

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