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I created Mukama Botanica out of love, necessity and personal desire. With health, beauty and the environment standing as my top values, I constantly felt like I had to choose - leaving me feeling empty, selfish or guilty. Disheartened by the lack of honesty in self-proclaimed “clean products,” the pollution from packaging waste, and a desperation for something that could heal the damage from my dermatillomania, I decided to put my background in the beauty industry to work. I combined my expertise with my career as a reiki master with the magic from my studies in Hawaiian healing and my upbringing in the Maui jungle to bring us Mukama Botanica: the highest vibrational skincare products I could fathom.

With organic ingredients so clean you could drink them (though not recommended), suppliers so cruelty-free that we’re vegan and Leaping Bunny Certified and crafting so ethical that we’re 100% handmade one-by-one in the USA and then packaged and shipped in recycled packaging - you can feel good about your beauty purchases. Not to mention, the oils are so pure that they can both vibrationally and aroma-therapeutically raise your vibe.

With us, self-care is selfless.

Love, Kama

Inspired by Mu.

*3% of all proceeds are donated to As You Sow, a non-profit organization that effectively persuades large companies throughout the world to make protecting the environment and human rights central to their decisions. Mukama Botanica believes that taking preventative action is the solution to many global issues that our planet and people are faced with.