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Should I Be Refrigerating My Skincare Products?

Ever wondered whether you should keep your skincare products chilled? 


There’s always loads of information out there on the best ways to store your skincare products, but to be honest, it can be tricky trying to sift through it all and figure out what’s valid or not. 


So in this post, I will keep it super simple for you! 


I’ll share just two reasons you may consider refrigerating your products, as well as which ones are best left at room temperature.


You want to extend the life of your products 


Some products may last longer if they are kept cool, especially if they are a natural product and contain water. It’s not really necessary, as long as you keep your eye on the expiry date, it’s all good. Usually, a company will state whether or not a product should be kept in the fridge, so unless otherwise stated it really is up to you.


Vitamin C is an active ingredient that does prefer cooler temperatures, UV exposure can actually cause it to become unstable and lose efficiency so you may want to pop your concentrated C-serums in the fridge. 


Ampoules, tightly sealed, individual shots of highly active ingredients are also better kept in the fridge to keep the actives fresh and concentrated.


I should mention here that my skincare products are stored in dark bottles that keep them protected against UV rays, allowing them to stay highly concentrated. I do recommend keeping them in a cool place, the fridge is not necessary though.


Although you may want to keep reading to find out why I do love sticking my face mist in the fridge! 


You love the feeling of cool products on your skin

Nothing feels more refreshing than a spritz of ice-cold face mist on your skin when the temperatures soar and you seek some relief. 


It’s also a great way to help constrict your blood vessels and de-puff your skin after a late night. I love keeping my face mist in the fridge and giving my face a spritz whenever my skin is in need of an extra special treat! 


Again, it’s not compulsory, it’s totally up to you and what you prefer. 


I don’t recommend keeping my serum in the fridge, the oils are best kept at room temperature so they can melt beautifully into your skin.


Products like eye-creams do well in the fridge though, because the eyes are often an area that requires a little de-puffing!


I hope this article has helped to clear up any questions you may have had around this topic. At the end of the day, keeping your products in the fridge is usually not necessary, just up to you and how long you may want to hold on to certain products like ampoules and Vitamin C serums. 


Or, if like me, you love the feeling of a cold burst of hydration on your skin to really wake you up!


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