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3 Approachable Wellness Rituals For Fostering Long Term Self Care

Happy New Year! We are so excited to be entering into a brand new decade with all of you, with beautiful, fresh opportunities stretching before us. 


After a crazy last couple of months, we are relieved to finally be able to take a few deep breaths and ease ourselves into January mindfully. 


You may have come across more than a few New Year’s Resolution style articles in your favorite magazines or online blogs, and while there’s nothing wrong with setting some goals at the start of the year, we feel like the pressure to set (and stick to!) resolutions can cause quite a lot of stress.


We’ve all committed to going to the gym when the new year begins, only to fall off the wagon a few weeks in and then consequently end up feeling terrible about ourselves.


New Year’s resolutions should feel good, and that’s where we come in!


We’ve kept it simple by sharing just three goals you can set at the start of 2020, and these are all intended to help you feel your best inside and out! 


You deserve a little pampering and a whole lot of love so get cozy, get reading and plan to make 2020 the year you truly do put yourself first!


Set one goal a month

Why complicate things for yourself when this is your year to slow things down? 


Yes, you still want to achieve your goals but often we set too many too soon and then become overwhelmed when our goal list seems to stand still.


Why not set one goal at the start of each month that you plan to achieve by months end?


Sure, you can have some other things you want to tick off on there too, but pick one main goal and make it a priority. 


You’ll feel so good when you reach this goal and think of how far you’ll have come by this time next year! 


Transform your skin care routine into your new wellness ritual 

You’ve likely promised yourself more “me time” this year, but will you truly find the time for yourself? 


You already have a skincare routine (even if it’s 5 minutes long) so why not combine your need for self-nurturing with your current routine and transform your skin care regime into a wellness ritual that benefits your mind and soul as much as it does your skin! 


Our products are infused with essential oils to provide phenomenal aromatherapy benefits to leave you feeling blissed out and uplifted, your glowing complexion is a bonus! 


Be mindful, take your time cleansing your skin, enjoy the beautiful aroma of our high vibe face mist and treat yourself to a beautiful facial massage with our gorgeous superfood serum!


Make your skin care routine something you look forward to every day. 


Commit to love your body 

How often are you kind to your body?


Be honest.


Often we look for all the flaws and wish for a “flatter belly” or “fewer stretch marks” without stopping to truly appreciate our beautiful bodies as they are and for everything they do for us.


We are strong and powerful. Our bodies do so many wonderful things for us everyday and if you commit to love yours, in all of its glory, you will set yourself free.


What is perfection anyway?


We’ll take a little jiggle or tiger stripes any day over another airbrushed photo that hides the true beauty lying beneath.


So be a little kinder to your beautiful body, embrace your flaws and just see how much happier and confident you are in your skin. 


We hope these three goals help you to achieve your self-love goals this year.


You should always be your main priority and when you focus on yourself first, it’s absolutely incredible the things you can, and will, accomplish!


Cheers to a peaceful and joyful new year! 




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