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How To Stop Picking Your Face And Damaging Your Skin

When you suffer with regular blemishes, it can be very tempting to pick and prod at your face, but this only contributes to the problem. 

It’s hard to avoid squeezing a pimple when it feels like it is taking over your entire face, but did you know that squeezing pimples can actually make your skin worse?

The bacteria from the blemish can leak out onto the surrounding skin, leaving you with even more blemishes! 

Constantly touching your face can even be a mild form of ocd, which is a disorder that involves repetitive behaviors, and you may not even be aware you are doing it!

So finding ways to not pick at your skin involves a lifestyle change that may actually help to improve your life in all areas, yay!

In this article, we will share just a few top tips to help you stop picking at your skin once and for all.

Find healthy ways to manage stress

If you find your hands making their way to your face in times of stress, then you need to find healthy ways to get your stress under control so you can enjoy a calmer mind, and healthier, happier skin too. 

Constantly touching your face transfers dirt and bacteria from surfaces you may have touched and your skin doesn’t deserve that.

Yoga and meditation are just two of our favorite ways to enjoy a mindfulness practice that focuses on breathing and gentle movement to help bring you back into the present moment. 

A regular mindfulness practice will also help you to become more aware of your picking as it happens!



Wear gloves at home

Sounds silly, but no one is going to judge you in the comfort of your own home!

Many people tend to pick more at home when they are by themselves, immersed in the latest netflix marathon or engaged with emails or other online work. 

Wearing gloves will ensure you don’t transfer bacteria to your face. In fact, when you feel the glove touch your face, it will immediately make you aware of your picking, which will help you to slowly stop doing it over time. 

Don’t be ashamed to see a therapist

Sometimes a picking problem can be a little too far out of your control, and that’s totally okay!

Skin picking, also referred to as dermatillomania, is a very real mental health disorder, similar to ocd, and associated with anxiety.

It really is nothing to be ashamed of, you can’t help it, however constant skin picking can lead to scars, bleeding and infection, so it is important to get it under control. 

Seeing a therapist about what’s going on may be very helpful to get down to the root of the problem; often skin picking is due to something totally unrelated like a relationship issue, for example.

Once, with the help of your therapist, you figure out what’s happening, you will naturally start to pick less and your skin will look and feel so much better. 

We hope this article helps you to see that skin picking is very common and not something you have to live with forever!

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