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Meditation for Clear Skin: How Exactly Does It Work?

If you need some motivation to meditate for a few minutes each day then you have stumbled across the right article!

While most of us are aware of how beneficial mediation is for a frazzled, stressed out mind, something you may not know is that it’s absolutely excellent for your skin too!

If this has you scratching your head in confusion, then don’t worry, we promise it will all start to make sense soon…

So if you’ve been feeling stressed or your skin has been acting up, then get into a comfortable position and dive into our latest read. 

Be sure you have at least the next 20 minutes free, because we can almost guarantee that you’ll follow up this article with a meditation!

Breathe your way to glowing skin

We’ve all experienced days when everything just seems to go wrong and we can hardly take a minute to catch our breath.

On days like this, deep breathing is highly effective for helping to slow down the heart rate and to help ground you in the present moment, but did you know that this deep breathing plays a magical role where your skin is concerned too? 

Deep breathing helps to stimulate lymph flow, which helps your body to flush out accumulated toxins that may contribute to feelings of stress or chronic conditions. Deep breathing also helps to improve digestion, which helps to keep your insides clean and free from toxins too.

A cleaner inside, naturally means a healthier outside so with a regular deep breath practice you will start to notice a clearer, more luminous complexion. 

Clear lungs mean clear, happy skin

The lungs and lung channel are linked to the skin, and any imbalance in this area can result in skin care issues, particularly blemishes.

Deep belly breaths can help to clear out the lungs by drastically increasing oxygen in your system, which helps to stimulate circulation for clearer skin and this increased oxygen also helps to repair skin tissue.

Less inflammation and stress means younger skin

We all know how stress impacts the skin.

It’s no coincidence that that huge pimple pops up right around the time you are especially stressed and you can blame cortisol, the body’s stress hormone for this.

When cortisol is constantly flooding your system, it not only leaves you feeling terrible and stressed, it also contributes to skin conditions that are often aggravated by stress like acne, eczema and psoriasis.

A regular meditation practice can reduce cortisol and studies have shown that deep breathing can suppress the response of inflammatory genes that contribute to internal inflammation. 

As you can see, there really is no downside to a regular meditation practice, but you have to be willing to make yourself a priority and take your health and the health of your skin into your own hands. 

You are so worth it!


Here's a free meditation channel created by our founder, Kama Hagar. Try it out and let us know how it went in the comments below!


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