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How To Keep Your Blonde Hair Bright & Healthy At Home: 3 Natural Dye Alternatives

These are certainly strange times we are living in and I am sure that you have had enough negative news to last you a lifetime. Every single time I turn on my television I am confronted by yet another scary headline that makes me tense up all over again even though I may have just done a beautiful yoga practice.

Side note here; did you guys catch my live flow I did on instagram? I plan on making these lives a regular thing over the next few weeks so stay tuned by following me on instagram @kamahagar and turn on post notifications. 

Today I want to keep things light, literally!

This post is for all my blondes! If you rock light locks then you may be in a little panic right now knowing you can’t touch up at the salon, but in this article I would like to share some natural ways you can keep your blonde bright and fresh at home. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures!

Although, this may be the perfect time to realize that there are healthier alternatives that won’t put your health at risk and who knows, you may end up avoiding those bleaching visits altogether! Keep in mind that these tips won’t make you platinum but they will certainly contribute to beautiful sun-kissed strands!

The lemon activator

You may have heard that lemon can lighten your hair and you would be right, but because lemon is acidic it can be quite drying on the hair. Massage some oil like coconut or olive into your locks and then apply some freshly squeezed lemon juice. You can apply it all over your hair or just into sections you want to be lighter. 

Lemon is heat activated so do this on the next sunny day and then sit outside with the mixture on your hair until your hair starts to dry. Be sure to follow up with a natural deeply moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and voila!

The chamomile rinse

Chamomile is that beautiful tea we know helps to soothe frazzled nerves and it helps to smooth your strands while lightening them too!

For this one you will need to brew up a cup of chamomile tea and allow it to cool completely before using, in fact, the colder the better because it will seal your ends and lock in shine. 

Shampoo and condition as normal then use the chamomile as your final rinse, don’t wash it out! When your hair dries you may notice beautiful, brighter, locks!

DIY purple shampoo

You are going to love me for this next one!

Every blonde knows that purple shampoo is life when it comes to counteracting brassiness, but most of them are filled with chemicals and drying ingredients that no blonde head deserves. 

Well, that’s where this recipe has you covered! Made with pea flowers for that vibrant violet color that’s going to tone down brass, this one is fun to whip up and free of every nasty ingredient. Order online if you don’t have any and make this a fun project to keep you busy on one of your quarantine days, your hair will thank you!

Hope you enjoy these tips and that they help your hair get through this! Stay safe beauties, we are in this together!

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