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Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Dermatologist

When it comes to your skin, it needs to be treated the same way you treat your overall health.

You go for regular check-ups, you pay attention to when something feels off in your body and head to your doctor for his/her expert advice, so why shouldn’t it be the same way with your skin?

Many women struggle with skin conditions that could easily be remedied with a few simple words of advice from a dermatologist or maybe it’s time you finally had those moles checked.

Whatever the reason or maybe there is no specific reason, it’s always a great idea to check in with a dermatologist every now and again!

Here’s some questions we put together that we highly recommend you ask at your next visit!

What’s causing my acne?

So many adults, especially women, struggle with acne and they don’t know what’s behind it. There are so many possible reasons you may be experiencing breakouts in your adult years from hormonal changes to stress to even the foods you are eating on a daily basis.

A dermatologist will be able to pinpoint the root cause of yours by asking the right questions or possibly even by noticing the types of pimples you have and the areas of your face they keep appearing. 

Are my moles healthy?

This is something you have to ask your dermatologist!

Whether you have one mole or many, only a dermatologist can say for sure if it’s healthy or not. A simple check can help to prevent as well as catch skin cancer early so this question is super important!

Also ask your dermatologist which SPF is right for you to help protect your skin against skin cancer.

Are trending facials worth the hype?

This is a fun one to ask and a good derm will tell you the truth!

It’s likely that he/she will recommend a simple daily consistent routine over any advanced specialized one, because your skin should be taken care of on a daily basis.

However, it’s always nice to know if there’s a more in-depth facial or treatment your skin could benefit from and your derm will know which one would be right for you, if any!

Is my diet affecting my skin

If you are dealing with anything from acne to lines and wrinkles, your dermatologist is likely to ask you about your diet, because the good ones know there is a clear link between your food and the state of your skin.

It’s always a good one to ask because a dermatologist can offer some tips on which foods may be best for your specific skin type. 

Here are some lunch ideas that will give any skin type a real boost!

Which ingredients make my skin more sun-sensitive?

This is a really great question to ask, because if you start using retinol or any Vitamin-C based serum, for example, then you need to make sure you are wearing an especially high SPF as protection, because these ingredients can make your skin more sensitive to UV rays. 

If you want to keep your dermatologist visits short and sweet and focused on things other than your complexion woes then of course I highly recommend my all natural, safe products that are formulated with the cleanest, highest quality ingredients to help every skin type!

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  • I found it interesting when you said that stress and hormonal changes can lead to acne. My sister is starting to get annoyed by the acne that is starting to show up on our face. She should talk to a dermatologist and see what is causing her acne as an adult. http://www.darwindermatology.com.au/about-our-staff

    Taylor Hansen

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