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5 Natural Ways to Manage Or Get Rid Of Cystic Acne For Good

Cystic acne is the most severe form of acne and it is so uncomfortable and painful that there will be little doubt as to what it is. 

If you struggle with cystic acne, then we just want to send you a big virtual hug and let you know that you won’t suffer with your skin this way forever.

When your skin is inflamed and red on a daily basis, it’s hard to imagine a life that is any different, but your skin is far more resilient than you realize and if you start making some small daily changes, you will start to notice some major improvements in your skin. 

Cystic acne involves blocked pores that lead to infection and inflammation and this condition takes a major toll on your self-esteem. 

You deserve to feel good and never ashamed of that beautiful face, so let us help to guide you towards healthier, happier and clearer skin. 

It starts in your gut

We’re taught to treat acne primarily from the outside, with harsh products that dry your skin out and in fact, may contribute to the problem.

Healthy skin actually starts on the inside, and if your gut is not functioning as it should, then your skin is going to reflect this inner turmoil.

The quickest way to start to support gut health, is to start to eat healthier, more nutrient-dense foods. 

You want to avoid skin triggers like sugar, dairy and processed foods, all of which increase inflammation in your body and therefore, your skin too. 

Add probiotic rich foods into your diet like kimchi, coconut yogurt and tempeh to help increase good gut bacteria. 

Here are a few awesome gut healing recipes to get you started!

Don’t skip the SPF

This is super important, because prolonged sun exposure can aggravate your skin and make it worse, not to mention put it at risk for aging in the long-term!

Make sure you opt for an all natural sunblock, formulated with natural minerals that won’t put your health at risk or affect our precious Oceans. 

Drink loads of water

Water helps to flush out toxins that may contribute to blemishes and it keeps the skin cells hydrated so your skin stays clear, plump and healthy.

2 liters of filtered water is best and herbal teas count towards your total water intake!

Get sweaty

Sweating has some serious skin benefits!

Increased blood flow helps to better transport oxygen and nutrients around your body, helping to provide a gentle, natural detox effect and sweating also helps to flush toxins out of your system.

It’s important to make sure you wash your face with an all natural cleanser after a sweat fest or even better, treat it to a beautiful oil cleanse to help maintain your skin’s natural oils, something that is so important when it comes to troubled skin. 

Use gentle, natural products 

Natural products are the way to go, no matter your skin type!

You want to avoid harsh products that strip your skin’s natural oils and provide only temporary results and instead, infuse it with real ingredients, soothing oils and potent antioxidants to provide long-term clear skin results!

Our beautiful products are bursting in skin loving antioxidants and silky oils to calm down inflammation and soothe as it heals. 

Your skin will get better, even if that possibility seems a million miles away right now. Hang in there, start taking care of your mind and body and your healthy skin will naturally follow. 

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