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How To Treat Damaged Hair Naturally At Home During Quarantine

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this tricky time.

I know that many women are having to find ways to let go of their strict beauty rituals considering that all salons and spas are closed, and I know this can take a little getting used to!

One thing I have seen is that many women are turning to home dye and bleach kits to keep their hair color looking fresh. But unless you are a hairdresser, I don’t recommend taking matters into your own hands!

If, however, you are currently dealing with a head full of damage due to a self-dye job or from skipping out on your regular treatments at your local salon, this article is for you!

While severe damage cannot usually be repaired (time and patience is needed for that) there are ways you can ensure new hair growth is healthy and lustrous and these tips may salvage at least some of the current damage.

So if your hair is feeling a little (or a lot!) dry and frazzled then keep reading!

Oil is your hair’s best friend

And not just any oil! I am talking about the creme da la creme of hair oils; coconut oil!

Not only is coconut oil bursting in healthy fats that your locks will simply drink up, coconut oil actually penetrates into each follicle where it delivers its goodness from the inside out. 

Slather your scalp in coconut oil at least twice a week. Cover with a shower cap for 30 minutes, or leave on overnight, and then shampoo and condition as usual.

Keep those ends healthy

Unhealthy ends can split all the way up the hair shaft causing damage much higher up than you realize, no thanks!

Keep your ends healthy with regular trims, although I know that may not be possible right now. For now, be sure to apply a healthy serum (my gorgeous Superfood Serum does the trick perfectly!) to your ends when your hair is damp or dry to instantly smooth and prevent split ends. 

End with a cool rinse

Hot water can irritate and dry out the scalp contributing to parched tresses. Use warm water to shampoo as it helps to wash impurities away, but then end with a cool shot of water to seal the cuticle for smoother, healthier, shinier hair. 

Eat foods that will nourish your hair

Every single thing you eat has an impact on not only your skin, but your hair too.

You want to eat foods that will nourish your scalp and your strands. A healthy combo of antioxidants, fatty acids, iron and protein is needed and these foods will ensure you get exactly what you need for a healthy head of hair. 

Get sweaty

To boost hair growth you want to boost circulation in your scalp and exercise is the best way to do this.

In fact, I love getting upside down regularly in my yoga inversions for an added boost of blood flow to the area I want it most.

If you do want to try a headstand, then make sure you watch this video on how to do it safely. Downward dogs and other simpler inversions are just as effective!

Lay off the heat

This one can seem impossible, but now with the lockdown it’s the perfect time to allow your strands to be totally free! We know heat is damaging so lay off the tools for a while and instead embrace your inner goddess and have fun with cute braids and let your natural curls and waves out!

I hope these tips help you to enjoy healthier, happier locks! If you follow them diligently you will absolutely notice a difference!

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