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How To Stay Connected With Mother Nature During The Chilly Season

It’s easy to stay inside, cozy up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate as you catch up on your latest binge all winter! But you’ll never know what you’re missing unless you strap on your boots, bundle up in your coat, and brave the chilly beauty Winter brings!

Being outside has many benefits not only for your physical health, but your mental health as well. Doctors have even been known to prescribe nature as an alternative “treatment” for those with attention disorders, as well as stress and depression.

Sometimes though, getting outside in the chilly season has less to do with finding benefits of the outdoors, more so finding the motivation to get out there in the first place! Hopefully we can inspire you today with our 3 ways you can still enjoy nature during the winter months!

But before you head out, be prepared with the right gear...

We’ve all been caught outside a little bit too long without the right coat or a pair of gloves, and it gets uncomfortable quickly! Before you even saunter into the outdoors this winter, you must be prepared; especially if you’re venturing a little deeper into nature than a walk around your neighborhood! 

Buying new winter clothing and gear can be very exciting if you choose to look at it that way! 

Take Up Nature Photography

Even if it’s just your smartphone, you can use this time in nature to take up a new hobby - photography! Photography is a great way to stay in the present, as you’re always seeking and lining up your next best shot; and who knows - maybe you’ll really take a liking to it, and can enjoy your photographs as art whether for yourself or as a gift to those you love! Not sure where to start pointing your lens? Look to the snow covered trees, the unique shapes of snowflakes, and the gorgeous way the sun sets on a winter night.

Take A Hike

Literally! Nature is always waiting for you, and what better way to explore than by going for a hike. You may not even be aware of the trails in your surrounding area, so Hiking Project to find a trail and recommended route near you. Hiking is an excellent way to get your blood flowing, keeps your mind sharp, increase your creative thinking, as well as deepen your relationship with the world around you.

Start A Nature Journal

Just like a dream journal is used to document your dreams, you can start a nature journal to document your adventures in nature. The best part is you can get as creative as you’d like with it! While you can’t exactly keep a snowflake or icicle in your journal, you could paste a photograph of the surroundings, and document how you felt at that moment. Some people also love to collect dried flowers, leaves, and other bits of nature they find outside and paste it in their nature journals! If you feel really stuck, check out this beginners guide to nature journaling.

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