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There’s An Herbal Tea for That! 5 Different Types of Herbal Teas and Why We Love Them

There’s nothing like a soothing cup of tea to ease your troubles and provide much-needed comfort when nothing else can. 


There are so many different varieties of herbal teas, for everything from helping you to focus to helping you to drift into blissful slumber. 


In this article, we will talk about some of our top favorites and why we brew them up again and again!

Spearmint Tea

This tea is oh-so-fresh with a heap of health benefits! It has natural antibacterial properties that help to kill bad breath, and it’s great for soothing an unhappy stomach. Add a squeeze of lemon to amp up its digestive soothing properties!


Spearmint may also help to balance female hormones, and it's rich in antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress and improve your overall health. 


Lemon balm

If you’re dealing with any kind of emotional stress then lemon balm is just what you need!


This beautiful herb helps to reduce stress, eases anxiety, helps you to sleep better and may even help with nausea. 


We recommend drinking at least a cup or two every day to help manage any stress or anxiety on a daily basis; you don’t need to wait till you feel overwhelmed before brewing up this cup of blissful calm. 



This lovely flower produces a potent tea that is known for its powerful immune boosting properties. It contains a flavonoid called quercetin to help protect against oxidative stress, which can lower immunity and increase your risk of infection. 


Drink this to help protect against sinus or the flu, or to provide relief from symptoms including congestion and pain. 

Ginger tea

There’s nothing quite like a warming cup of ginger tea to help soothe an upset stomach and to aid in digestion. It’s also excellent for nausea, so make ginger your go-to when any kind of stomach issues arise.


You could also sip on some alongside or after a meal to help improve digestion. 

Chamomile Tea

This is the one we turn to again and again when we are looking for something to provide some soothing relief no matter what’s happening in our day.


Chamomile is wonderful for calming a frazzled mind, soothing an upset tummy, improving your sleep, and it may even help to alleviate menstrual cramps. 


These are 5 favorite herbal teas, we can’t wait for you to try them for yourself to see why we love them so much! 


Feel free to experiment and add honey, lemon, lime, whatever you’d like to make it that much better! You can also brew up a big batch, add to a pitcher with lemon slices, some healthy sweetener and allow to chill in the fridge for a refreshing cup of antioxidant-rich iced tea, yum! 


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