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3 Essential Winter Wellness Tips to Help Your Skin Through The Chilly Season

Winter is almost upon us, can you feel that slight nip in the air announcing its imminent arrival? We know we sure can!

Listen, we love sweater weather, hot chocolate, pumpkin spice and everything nice but our skin? Yeah… not so much.

The cooler temperatures mean drier air and this means skin that can quickly become parched, irritated and less than glowing, and we don’t have time for that, and neither do you!

In today’s article we want to share three simple tips that will get that moisture right back into your pores so you can rock a glowing complexion whether you are on the slopes or cozily bundled up by the fire!

Do make a facial mist your constant companion

A facial mist is often an overlooked step in a beauty ritual, that is until you try it for yourself and realize it now needs to be an essential part of your routine.

A facial mist, like our beautiful High Vibe Mist, will infuse your skin with a deep dose of nutrient-rich moisture for instant uplifting, brightening and hydrating effects, hallelujah!

This elixir combines beautiful and uplifting essential oils including tangerine and sandalwood in a gorgeous rose water base. Your skin is going to love you for this!

Don’t over-indulge on the sugary lattes

This is the time of year when we switch out those iced coffees for the delightful array of cinnamon and spiced drinks that leave us feeling warm and cozy and wonderfully nostalgic. 

Sure, you deserve to treat yourself, but if you’re having one of these drinks every day and noticing your skin looks less than radiant then blame it on the sugar! Sugar actually draws moisture out of your cells and can break down collagen for skin that is both dull and at a higher risk of aging. 

Of course we still want you to enjoy those delicious drinks so why not try this tasty trio of holiday drinks where you get all the flavour but with less sugar and more nutrients!

Do invest in a facial oil

A facial oil will honestly transform your skincare ritual and your life.

You’ll never worry about dullness, dryness or any other skin woes again once you welcome one into your skincare fam.

Our Skin SuperFood Serum will drench your skin in deep antioxidant rich moisture thanks to beautiful, luxurious oils that will leave a veil of moisture on your skin. These oils are designed to banish dryness, improve your skin barrier function, as well as help to balance excess oil for fewer breakouts while fading acne scars over time. 

These tips are so simple yet will make such a  huge difference in your life! You’ll finally kiss dull, drab skin goodbye and you’ll wonder how you survived without these beautiful products before now, just trust us!

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