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Why Our High Vibe Face Mist Should Go Everywhere With You!

Facial mists do not get the credit and attention they deserve but we want to change all that when we introduce you to our truly beautiful High Vibe Face Mist!


Sure, many conventional toners and face mists are formulated with harsh, drying ingredients that strip your skin, but not this guy! 


Not only will this pH balanced potion help to refine your pores and infuse your skin with a nourishing dose of antioxidants, it will help to boost your mood too! 


In fact, our signature blend of high vibe ingredients and aromatics, inspired by sacred Hawaiian plant healing, will transport your senses to a tropical oasis in just one spritz! 


Our customers swear that it feels like they are on vacation when notes of rose, tangerine and sandalwood hit their nose.


Of course these ingredients are all wonderful for your skin too! They work synergistically together to hydrate, balance and protect so your skin can glow with youthful radiance! 


Keep reading for all the places we think your mist needs to go! 

Gym bag

After a sweat fest at the gym your skin is screaming out for some cooling nourishment and a few spritzes of this beauty will do the job! 


If your skin tends to get very flushed when your temperature rises and your heart rate soars, the soothing ingredients in our mist will help to calm that right down! 


Car console 

You have to have one in your car! 


When you arrive at an appointment or meeting, you can use a quick spritz to instantly calm your nerves and add a healthy dewy glow to your complexion!


Of course it also helps to relax you when you’re waiting in traffic and feel your patience start to wear down. 



Naturally, our mist is a purse staple.


Where you go, your purse goes, and that means our mist will always be with you too! 


Whether it’s to help cool or calm you down in the midst of stress, or to add some moisture back into parched pores, our mist will be there to give you a boost! 



We all know how dry our skin gets on an airplane, making our mist an airplane must! 


A spritz or two before applying our Superfood Serum will drench your skin in serious moisture without ever leaving it greasy. You can spritz our mist throughout your flight, use it on your hair and the rest of your body too! 


What are you waiting for! Get your hands on our High Vibe Mist now! 

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