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4 Ways To Be Sustainable While Traveling

Traveling off to far away lands can seem quite glamorous but the carbon footprint many people leave behind from traveling has a major negative impact on global warming.


You don’t want to stay inside and miss out on all this beautiful world has to offer either, so as long as you work on ways to reduce your carbon footprint and become a more sustainable jet setter, there’s no reason you can’t go forth and explore to your heart’s content!


In this article we’ll share just 4 ways you can travel more sustainably. 



Cut out plastic

From plastic water bottles to plastic bags carrying all those goodies you collect on your adventures, plastic can build up pretty quickly.


Plastic ends up in landfills and oceans where it pollutes our beautiful earth and puts our wildlife at risk so make a conscious effort to truly ditch the plastic on your travels.


Pack a reusable water bottle or if you’re heading to a tropical island, why not get your hydration from fresh coconuts!


Also, be sure to pack in some recyclable bags and carry them around with you when you go shopping. 


Ask questions before taking a tour

Taking a guided tour is a great way to learn more about the history and culture of a place, but it’s important that you’re using an environmentally friendly company that aims to support local heritage. Ask these questions before and another good thing to find out is whether or not the tour uses local guides. If not, consider exploring alone or looking for a different tour group. 


Pack light

Forget about packing heavy.


Not only is it a huge inconvenience to cart around an overloaded bag, the less you pack, the less waste you create making for a more sustainable trip.


When it comes to skincare, forgo the millions of bottles filled with toxic ingredients and instead, pack all natural, organic products that won’t pollute the earth and may also double up as multipurpose products. 


Our gorgeous serum doubles up as a highlighter, simply swipe onto the high points of your face for a dewy glow over your makeup, as well as the perfect split end repair treatment for smooth silky locks!


Our sensual face mist helps to prep the skin before makeup but also sets your makeup when you’re done! Keep it in your handbag to refresh your skin and revive your senses at any point on your journey. 


Support the local economy

While souvenirs may not always come cheap, by purchasing products handmade by the local people living there, you help to make a direct and positive impact on the economy. 


Some gift shops sell items that may be traditional to the culture, but are in fact imported from other countries, like China, simply because they are cheaper.


Be sure you’re purchasing an authentic item to support the local heritage and to help provide jobs for the locals. 


For more, check out our favorite eco-travel essentials on Amazon!


We hope these tips help you to make your next trip a more sustainable one! If you have any additional points to add we’d love you to share them with us in the comments! 

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