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These Are The 4 Most Effective Natural Remedies for Firming Your Skin & Neck

Firm skin is something most women lust after without realizing that it comes down to more than just the products applied to the skin.

Sure, a beautiful, non-toxic, antioxidant-rich serum will go a long way in keeping your skin plump and glowing, but this is just one step of many!

In this article we will share a few of our best tips and tricks that will soon become a way of life for you and your beautiful complexion.

Your skin will feel firmer, you’ll notice less sagging and let’s not forget that radiant glow!



Pay attention to how you sleep

This is something people don’t usually think about and you won’t often see this as a tip in articles promoting firmer skin.

Considering that we spend a minimum of 6 hours in bed a night, wouldn’t you agree that the way you sleep can impact the state of your skin?

We’ve all woken up with sleep lines from sleeping on our face or having our cheeks squished into our pillow, but did you know that over time these temporary lines can actually develop into wrinkles?

J-Lo swears by sleeping on her back surrounded by pillows to prevent this from happening, but not all of us are comfortable sleeping on our backs!

Instead, try switching your pillowcase to silk. This way the material will glide across your skin and avoid friction and irritation that may contribute to sagging skin down the line. 

Always apply your products in an upwards motion

Don’t even think about applying your skin care products in a downward motion, you’re only dragging things down!

Instead, always use light, feathery, upward strokes, using your fingertips to pull the product up and out towards your hairline. 

Spend time applying your products until fully absorbed, the gentle massage not only leaves you feeling relaxed, it helps to boost collagen for plumper skin, as well as bring blood flow closer to the surface for an instant, healthy rosy flush!

Drink your water

A lack of hydration will quickly contribute to a fatigued worn-out complexion and over time your skin will start to sag and you’ll notice more wrinkles appearing. 

Be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of pure, filtered water a day to keep your skin cells plumped and hydrated and your skin smooth and happy.

Add some lemon slices for an added antioxidant and skin-brightening boost!

Keep your stress levels in check

Nothing ages the skin faster than stress.

Stress causes the body to release cortisol, the stress hormone, and cortisol wreaks havoc with your skin. You’ve probably noticed that your skin looks a little dull when you’re going through a rough time.

Cortisol can actually break down collagen, a structural protein essential for youthful skin. It also affects your sebum levels, putting you at risk for breakouts. So now you have to deal with dullness, accelerated aging and breakouts, no thanks!

Finding ways to manage stress through a regular self-care practice is essential for happy, healthy skin.

Try a morning meditation before you start your day or get your body moving to a beautiful yoga flow. 


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