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Have Sensitive Acne Prone Skin? Here Are 3 Things To Avoid In Your Products

So many conventional skincare products advertise guarantees like “clearer, healthier skin” and sure, initially, you may notice some kind of improvement; but use them for long enough and your skin troubles may only amplify.

If you have sensitive acne prone skin, then not only should you be staying far away from conventional, chemically-laden products, you should also look for products geared towards soothing sensitive skin in order to help soothe your own skin care troubles.

In this article we will share a few of our top reasons for choosing sensitive skin care products over those harsh ones targeted towards clearing acne.  



No harsh, drying ingredients for sore, painful skin

Do not be fooled by products (or skin therapists) that try to convince you that your oily, blemish-prone skin needs harsh ingredients to “dry up your oil.”

These drying ingredients are incredibly harsh on the skin and soon you will be dealing with blemishes and dry skin patches, not a fun time.

Products designed for sensitive skin will never contain these drying ingredients that are known to cause irritation.

You’ll likely see any number of the following ingredients on the label that tend to cause dryness: salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and retinol.

More moisture helps to balance sebum levels

You want a product that is going to put moisture into your skin, provided it is the right type of moisture. 

Many people with oily skin tend to shy away from oils but most plant-based oils are actually wonderful for problem skin and may, in fact, help to clear up your skin once and for all.

If you don’t moisturize or if you use products that strip your skin of natural oils, then your skin may overcompensate by producing too much oil, which increases your risk for more blemishes, which kind of defeats the purpose of using the product in the first place. 

Our Superfood Serum is an absolute superstar product for all skin types and you may notice your acne blemishes finally start to fade away!

No artificial fragrance for skin irritation

Did you know that it sometimes requires up to 100 chemicals or more to create one fragrance in conventional products?

If you purchase an all natural product, like our Face Mist or Serum, then you can rest assured that the fragrance in your product is only from all natural essential oils and never from scary chemicals!

The added bonus of this is that we use essential oils that have specific anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, just what your skin needs!

We hope this article helps you to avoid ever purchasing the wrong products again! Always make sure your products are 100% natural and always read the label.

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