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Life Without Social Media: 3 Life Changing Benefits of a Digital Detox

Quick question for you (and be honest)…  have you spent more than 30 minutes scrolling Instagram today? 

No judgement of course, we’ve all done it! But maybe, just maybe, it may be time for a digital detox. 

Social media certainly has its perks; in fact, you may even have stumbled across this article while scrolling, in which case we are very grateful!

Social media can help to spread awareness regarding important issues, connect you with like-minded people and help you to learn about things that are important to you.

It has its dark side too, and one of the major drawbacks of social media is that it can portray images of perfection, which can leave people feeling insecure and even depressed. 

The types of accounts you follow matter and there’s nothing wrong with simply unfollowing every account that makes you feel anything less than worthy, in fact, we highly recommend it!

In this article we wanted to show you how spending some time off your phone can improve your life, as well as share tips on how to easily incorporate mini phone detoxes throughout your day!



Helps you connect with nature

A great perk of spending less time online is that you can spend more time in nature and reconnect with your roots. 

Many of us have lost our connection to nature and when we come back to it again, we help to find that sacred part of ourselves once more. 

Here’s how to connect with nature and feel good again

Instead of waking up on a sunday morning and immediately reaching for your phone to see what the rest of the world is doing, why not focus on yourself and throw on some fitness gear, fill up a bottle with some water and a few lemon slices and hit your nearest trail or park for some soothing green space.

We get that you probably want to take your phone out with you especially if you are exploring a trail alone but why not turn airplane mode on just while you are out and perhaps put on a soothing walking meditation to enhance the experience!

Helps to reduce your stress

Scrolling on your phone for hours, seeing images of people living so called “perfect lives” especially when you are perhaps going through a stressful time will certainly contribute to stress and even depression.

Here’s how to reduce your stress and get to know yourself again

Instead of scrolling for hours when you have nothing to do, why not turn your phone off and indulge in some kind of creative activity that will allow your imagination to run wild and boost your spirits. 

Whether it’s drawing, writing, painting, singing, dancing or crafting, find something that gets your creative juices flowing and you won’t believe how the hours fly by in the best way possible!

Helps you to connect with others

Connection with others is key to living a happy and healthy life, but somewhere along the way, in-between snapchat, instagram and all the other latest apps, we seem to have lost this.

It’s not all bad news though!

Here’s how to reconnect with others and enjoy a fruitful social life once more

One of the best ways to start connecting with others is at work. Instead of sitting on social media on your lunch break, ask one of your co-workers if they’d like to enjoy lunch with you. These are people you spend loads of time with so it is a great place to start. Just think, you’ll be helping someone else to spend less time on their phone everyday too!

If you work from home, then why not take coffee breaks and meet a friend in-between all those emails or work at a coffee shop a few days a week and potentially meet other people who have the same idea as you!

We hope these tips help to inspire you to start really enjoying your life and living it to the fullest!

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