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3 Ways You Can Get the Most Out of our High Vibe Rose Water Face Mist

If you have not yet added a facial mist to your ritual then you are seriously missing out! Or perhaps you were waiting for the right one to come along, in which case, this article has come to you at just the right time!

Our beautiful uplifting High Vibe Face Mist was designed to perform the task of a toner, and so much more!

To remove dirt and prep your skin

Just like a toner, our facial mist helps to ensure every last trace of dirt and grime is removed from your skin (if you use a cotton pad to apply). It helps to tighten and refine the pores, balances the skin’s pH, and perfectly preps the skin for optimal absorption of all your follow up products (like our gorgeous Superfood Serum). You definitely want to make sure your skin will drink our serum right up!

But what you may not realize is that our facial mist can do so much more! Keep reading to find 2 more ways you can make the most out this multi-purpose mist because every spritz should be fully enjoyed!

To hydrate throughout the day

Hydration is key for youthful, happy skin, but there are many factors that can put your skin at risk.

Sure, eating foods to boost internal hydration, along with the right products all play a major role, but what about when you are in the need for some temporary relief during the day? You can’t exactly take your makeup off when you are at work to indulge in a hydrating face mask!

Well, that’s where our mist comes in!

Why wait until the evening to enjoy the uplifting and refreshing benefits of our facial mist, formulated with nourishing rose water and tangerine and sandalwood essential oils to help lift your spirits? Yeah, we don’t know either!

Carry it in your purse with you and enjoy a spritz of the good stuff whenever you are in need of a little boost! If you have makeup on, that’s no problem! Our next tip will tell you why!

To set your makeup

Sure, you can purchase those big name brand conventional make up setting sprays, but you’ll be spending your dollars on water and synthetics. Why not treat your skin to real nutrients and enjoy even better results?

Our mist doubles up as a makeup setting spray to add dewy radiance to any look without ever ruining your makeup. You’ll enjoy makeup that stays in place all day long and a complexion that is naturally more radiant and revived!

If you’d like to get your hands this high vibe ingredient facial mist,  shop here! Your skin, and your senses, will not be disappointed!

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