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Is Your Skin’s pH Balance Off? How To Identify It & What To Do About It

A healthy pH is essential for clear, balanced skin with just the right amount of hydration and a beautiful glow. 

Washing your face twice a day and following up with hydration in the form of a luxurious oil is an excellent way to keep your skin functioning optimally, however, did you know that the type of ingredients you use matter?

If you’re using a conventional cleanser, filled with harsh synthetics that strip away your skin’s natural oils along with excess oil then you are putting your skin barrier, and your skin’s natural pH at risk and this is never a fun time for you or your complexion. 

In this article we will talk more about the very important function of the skin barrier and what happens when you throw your pH balance out of alignment. 

The acid mantle and your pH levels

The acid mantle is a film over your skin that acts as a protective barrier against bacteria, viruses and other potentially harmful invaders that may negatively impact your skin. 

It is slightly acidic to keep bacteria out and to lock moisture in, and as long as your skin’s pH levels are balanced, your acid mantle will continue to work as it should.

The average person’s skin pH is slightly acidic, with a healthy pH ranging around 4.7 to 5.5 on the pH scale. 

If this pH balance is thrown off, with your skin becoming either too alkaline or too acidic then you  are going to endure some skincare woes until your pH levels are balanced once more. 

What will happen to my skin if my pH levels are imbalanced?

The state of your skin will quickly let you know whether or not your pH levels are a little out of whack. 

If your skin is inflamed and blemishes have become a part of your life then your skin may be too acidic. If dry, red, flaky skin is your skincare woe then your skin may currently be too alkaline. 

Over-cleansing, using the wrong ingredients, stress and an unhealthy diet are just a few factors that may contribute to an imbalance in the acidity or alkalinity of your skin. 

Here’s how to instantly balance your skin’s pH

Our High Vibe Face Mist can help to instantly balance pH levels for skin that glows with health and radiance! 

We love oil cleansing to melt away dirt and grime while still maintaining the integrity of our skin, never stripping away natural oils. Follow with a spritz of our face mist and our silky Superfood Serum for the perfect skincare ritual. 

Keeping your skin balanced doesn’t have to be complicated. Treat your skin gently, use the right ingredients and follow our tips for skin that glows with health!

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