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Why Your Neck Should Always Be Part of Your Natural Anti Aging Skin Care Ritual

If you’re like most people, you spend time properly taking care of your skin to enjoy a beautiful complexion that ages gracefully as you get older, but did you know that there are other areas that can give your age away just as easily?


Wrinkles on your hands, sure. 


Smile lines, yes. 


But today I’m talking all about your neck!


The skin on your neck is very thin, putting it at a higher risk for aging... especially when exposed to harmful UV rays without any sun protection.


Our necks also fall prey to the negative effects of gravity (your head is probably slightly bent while you are reading this!).


We tend to focus on how things are now, saying we will worry about it “in the future” or “when we see damage.” 


But prevention is so much better than cure!


Don’t be discouraged if there are already signs of aging, your skin is more resilient than you realize and we are here to help.


In today’s article, I’ll touch on ways you can start to reverse and prevent future damage, and you may be surprised at how relaxing some of these tips are!  

Take tech breaks for your neck and your mental health!

Taking a break from your gadgets is just as important for your mind, as it is for your neck.

With our heads bent all day we put major pressure on our necks, and constant smartphone use has been linked to a heap of physical issues, neck problems are just one of them!

There is even a condition now called “text neck” characterized by tense tight muscles and pain! 

In fact, over time, your bones can even change, and if you pride yourself on good posture, this may have you feeling a little freaked out!

Try and hold your phone higher up so you can avoid bending your neck and take breaks from your phone altogether throughout your day. If you work on a computer or laptop all day, make sure your screen is at eye level.

It doesn’t hurt to indulge in a little meditation too before you dive back into your work! Try my Meditation for Physical Pain which will help to relieve tension and pain you may be experiencing in your neck, or anywhere in your body. 

Always include your neck in your skincare ritual

Do you show your neck the same kind of love, as you do the rest of your skin when applying your various lotions and potions?

Always be sure to apply your skin products to your neck as well!

A refreshing spritz of my High Vibe Face mist followed by a silky application of my Superfood  serum always applied in gentle, upwards strokes to work against gravity, is just what your neck needs!

The beautiful essential oils in these products will help your senses to soar too!

Try some gentle massage

Who doesn’t love a good massage?

And if you have yet to treat yourself to a self-massage then you have been seriously missing out and we are glad you are reading this post!

This lovely massage helps to counteract the negative effects of bending your head so often and it will help to firm and tighten your neck beautifully!

Keyword here is consistency though, so make this a daily part of your ritual!

These tips are super simple to incorporate into your daily ritual and are just as good for your mind as they are for your neck and skin!

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