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Your Simple 3 Step Guide To Healing Dehydrated Skin During The Dry, Cold Months

The cooler temperatures are here in full force, but that doesn’t have to be all bad news!

The cooler months bring joys that we simply cannot experience in the sultry summer months, from crisp walks all bundled up in our coziest sweaters to sipping on festive lattes by the fireplace.

If you choose to find the good, you will find it everywhere!

There is one tiny little downside of chilly weather and that’s the effect it can potentially, emphasis on potentially, have on your skin.

This makes sense because you’re exposed to harsh, dry air and wind outside and artificial heating, which also dries out the air, when you’re indoors. 

Fortunately there are some super simple ways you can combat this teeny issue so you can carry on and immerse yourself in all the beauty of Winter!

Get cozy and get reading!

Protect your skin against the elements

Don’t even think about heading outdoors without a layer of external protection on your precious complexion. 

Layering on a facial serum is just as important as putting on your gloves and your scarf!

Without this protection, not only will you possibly experience chapped, irritated and red skin, you put it at risk for accelerated aging too, no thanks!

Our Superfood Serum is pure skin love and indulgence. It’s to your skin what a green smoothie is to your insides and the results speak for themselves! 

On sunny days, especially if you get snow where you live, be sure to top your serum with a generous layer of a mineral SPF.

Snow can reflect almost 90% of UV rays so this step is imperative! 

Invest in a humidifier and experiment with essential oils

The quickest way to replace lost moisture in the air when you’re cozy inside is to turn on the humidifier, which shoots a continual stream of steam into the air.

If itchy skin was becoming a daily issue then you’ll find some relief once you invest in a humidifier!

Make it fun by adding in some essential oils to enjoy some aromatherapy benefits and get creative with your blends! Try citrus and mint for an uplifting blend that will help you to focus or jasmine and ylang ylang for some seriously chilled vibes. 

Stay hydrated

It’s tough to chug down glasses of water when it’s chilly out and your body craves warming and comforting drinks, but did you know that herbal teas count too towards your daily water intake?

Try incorporating some soothing herbal blends into your daily routine to amp up your winter intake for skin that stays hydrated and happy from the inside out.

Chai teas are especially warming and comforting and you can even add a dash of maple syrup and almond milk for an extra special treat!

We hope you enjoy these tips. The smallest changes really do make the biggest differences and by taking our advice we are confident your skincare woes will simply melt away this season!


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