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What Are The Lymphatic Drainage Massage Benefits for Your Face?

Hundreds of lymph nodes make up your lymphatic system, an essential part of your immune system.

The lymphatic system helps to drain lymph (a fluid that contains white blood cells) back into your bloodstream. 

The Lymphatic system is also responsible for transporting waste out of your body and it helps to protect the body against infections. 

When there is any blockage in your lymphatic system, fluid can start to build up and lymphatic drainage massage is highly effective for helping to get things moving again.

What you may not know is that lymphatic build up can also result in puffiness in the face, not to mention a dull complexion, but  in recent years lymphatic drainage massage has become popular to help combat this. 

Some people have even dubbed it “a non surgical facelift” and are we sure we have your attention now!

In this article, we will talk about the excellent benefits of lymphatic drainage massage as well as share how you can do it yourself at home! 

Boosts circulation 

The first, and instant benefit, of this type of massage is a boost in blood flow, which can result in an instant rosy glow (yes, please!)

The long-term benefits of increased blood circulation is the production of a very important structural protein, called collagen, essential for youthful, taut, plump skin.

This massage along with a luxurious facial serum are all you really need for a smooth, wrinkle-free complexion! 

Can relieve sinus congestion 

This may not be a beauty benefit, but if sinus congestion is a constant in your life then this massage will help you to soon feel as good as you look!

Lymphatic drainage helps to loosen up and flush away accumulated congestion and toxins that may be contributing to your blocked nose and facial pain.

This will take precedence over any nasal spray or medication, just try it and see for yourself! 

Reduces puffiness 

A lack of sleep, alcohol and even stress can contribute to facial puffiness, as well as those pesky under-eye bags.

This massage will smooth out puffiness and leave you bright-eyed and fresh! 

Reduces inflammation and skin irritation 

Lymphatic drainage is just as excellent for troubled skin as it is for more mature skin types.

Healthy blood flow will help to open up your pores, reducing inflammation that may manifest as skin flare ups and blemishes. 

This massage may sound complicated but it’s easier than you think, and by following a few simple tips and tricks you can do it in the comfort of your own home!

Here’s how to do it yourself! 

Try this massage every night for three weeks and see what a difference it makes! We are sure you will continue with it well past those 3 weeks!


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  • The best part of your blog is when you said that lymphatic massage could help to loosen up and flush away accumulated congestion that is causing sinusitis. This is something that I will share with my sister because she has been unwell since the other day due to sinusitis. She would surely consider your tips since she wanted a fast relief so she could work again.

    Shammy Peterson
  • You have shared very useful information in this blog. The benefits of lymphatic drainage massage are plenty. Some people may feel that they can do their own lymphatic drainage massage, still I would say that it’s benefits are best realized when a professional does it for you. In fact, I feel any kind of massage becomes more relaxing that way. Specifically, talking of lymphatic massage, it can also be part of a care program for chronic fatigue syndrome. In such a situation it becomes important to take help of an expert as he will know the rhythm, direction, and quality of the lymphatic flow and remap drainage pathways. You can find some more helpful info here

    Mobile Massage by Theo

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