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A Cleansing, Hydrating, and Uber Moisturizing Fall Skincare Routine Your Skin Will Love

It’s hard to believe, but Fall is here! And while we will miss the long, sultry days of Summer, wouldn’t you agree that all the cozy sweater weather, pumpkin spice (yes, they can be healthy!), rustling leaves, and scary movie Netflix marathon vibes are exactly what we  need to find some chill in what has been quite the strange year so far?

Of course, when a new season starts, it’s super important to adapt your skincare routine so you can be sure you are fulfilling all its needs when the temperatures drop. 

Cold, dry, bitter air can all take a toll, but we have your back in this article!

Don’t skimp on your cleansing routine

It’s easy to start getting a little, we hate to say it...lazy with your cleansing routine when the weather starts to cool down and leaving your couch or bed seems like way too much effort. 

You may also think that it’s not as necessary considering that you’re not sweating all day long, your skin should stay clean right? Wrong!

Our natural oils build up during the day/night and we need to be cleansing excess oil off our skin morning and night to prevent build-up in the pores that may manifest as blemishes.

We adore the oil cleansing method for deep cleansing the skin while still maintaining your skin’s natural oils. 

Here’s how to do it and how to choose the right oil for your skin. 

Don’t pack away your facial mist

Sure, it’s cooler and you’re not in need of a refreshing boost of hydration quite as frequently as you may have been a few months ago, but a facial mist is just as important for your skin during the chilly season. 

A lack of humidity in the air calls for some serious hydration, and our facial mist is the first step in that process. 

Our truly gorgeous High Vibe Face Mist will boost your skin as it boosts your mood and perfectly preps your skin for the next step.

Do slather on thy oil

A facial oil is simply heaven sent when skin is dry and thirsty; yet too many people fear facial oils thinking they are going to increase sebum (and therefore, pimples). This couldn’t be further from the truth!

In fact, by not keeping your skin fully moisturized, you actually put it at risk of breakouts. Why? Well, your skin will then try to make up for the lack of moisture, often by over-producing oil. 

Facial oils are more concentrated than regular water-based moisturizers, which are diluted and may be full of preservatives to keep them fresh. They are packed in nutrients to feed your skin with everything it needs to fight inflammation, reduce blemishes, deeply hydrate, and promote a gorgeous glow!

Shop our Superfood Serum here!

These three simple tips will ensure your skin stays healthy, happy and radiant through the new season!

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