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How To Connect With Yourself Spiritually Through Your Daily Skincare Ritual

How does your current skincare routine look?

Do you rush through washing your face and applying moisturizer before tackling your tasks for the day?

Is your mind running over your to-do list and do you feel yourself getting quite stressed as you lather on your various lotions and potions?

I get it, life is challenging.

But taking even a few minutes to be fully present in the moment is absolutely essential for your well-being.

It will also ensure that you can be the best human for everyone else around you too. We are all here to learn from one another after all.

No matter how busy you are, no matter how much you need to get ticked off your list, I think you are worthy of at least 10 minutes all for yourself, at least twice a day, wouldn’t you agree?

In today’s article, I want to guide you through a few ways you can transform your skincare routine from monotonous, to a truly beautiful ritual that you will find yourself looking forward to!

Set the mood

You aren’t going to feel relaxed following a skincare routine under harsh, bright lights, so before you even get started let’s help you to create some ambience, shall we?

Dim the lights, light a candle, and perhaps even some incense, and take some nice deep breaths. Remember that you can tailor your ritual to however much time you have.

If you have only a few minutes then 3 nice big, deep breaths before getting started is more than sufficient. If you have a little longer then you may want to go all out and perhaps even try one of my meditations!

Set intentions

Many people think that unless they meditate, affirmations and intentions aren’t going to help them much.

But that’s the beauty of your everyday routine! There are endless opportunities to sneak in some positive intentions as you go about your daily rituals. 

You can stir intentions into your morning coffee or set a few personal intentions as you lovingly take care of your skin. 

Whatever comes to you. 

Perhaps it's the intention to have a positive, uplifting day. Or perhaps it's a simple affirmation such as “I am worthy of love and abundance.” These are just examples to help you unlock the endless intentions and affirmations waiting to be released in your own mind!

Incorporate all of your 5 senses

Including your 5 senses in your ritual will help to ensure you are grounded in the present moment, helping to ward off stress, anxiety and negativity. 

Breathe in and smell the gorgeous essential oils in our products, designed to help soothe, ground, balance and uplift your energy!

Brew up a cup of magick coffee beforehand or this yummy turmeric latte and pay attention to how it tastes as you sip on it throughout your ritual. 

Enjoy the feeling of the silky oils gliding over your skin when you enjoy the luxuriousness of our beautiful Superfood Serum. Treat yourself to a heavenly self-massage to boost circulation and leave you floating on cloud 9. 

Play some soothing tunes while you go through your ritual or simply pay attention to the sounds of your routine, as the water washes away your cleanser, and the spritz of your facial mist. 

Pay attention to the colors of your products, what do they look like?

We hope this article will help you to transform your skincare ritual into one that will lift your mood and leave you looking forward to the next time you have a few precious moments for yourself. 

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