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Our 4 Favorite Fall Foods for Healthy Skin Complexion (Fun Recipes Included)

Fall has graced us with her beauty once again, and while we adore the sultry summer season and those gorgeous summer nights, we have to admit there’s an ethereal beauty around this cooler season. 

From sunset-hued leaves to romantic strolls as we sip on our steaming pumpkin lattes, fall certainly has a lot to offer.

And then there’s the food…

The harvest season provides us with an array of comforting veggies and fruits that allow us to get creative in the kitchen!

From sweet potato pie to stuffed butternut, there are loads of ways to enjoy these delicious Fall foods.

If that’s not enough, these foods are bursting with antioxidants that will leave your skin beautifully glowing!

Dig in to this article where we share four of our favorite fall foods and why they are so good for your skin!


Carotenoids are a powerful class of antioxidants, responsible for giving yellow and orange veggies their signature color, as well as helping to promote the glowing skin of your dreams!

These antioxidants help to encourage cell turnover so you can enjoy more youthful, happy skin with fewer lines and wrinkles.

Pumpkins are also brimming in our favorite anti-inflammatory vitamin; Vitamin C! Not only does this beauty vitamin help to reduce inflammation, it also helps to boost collagen and brighten the complexion.

Along with Vitamin C, pumpkin also provides a hefty dose of free-radical neutralizing Vitamin E, healthy fatty acids and zinc for clear and healthy skin.

Try this yummy pumpkin hummus recipe!

Brussels Sprouts

They may not be everyone’s favorite, but when prepared right they may just convert even the most fickle eater!

This comforting veggie is a perfect side on Thanksgiving and rich in fatty acids to reduce inflammation and keep the skin clear, dewy and glowing. 

They are also rich in fiber to help keep you regular which is always a plus!


Would fall even be the same without a delicious apple pie?

Apples are rich in vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin B5 and B9, Vitamin C and zinc.

which are especially helpful for targeting acne so you can enjoy that glowing skin you deserve!

Sweet Potatoes

From sweet potato mash to sweet potato fries to stuffed sweet potatoes there’s no shortage of ideas when it comes to everyone’s favorite veggie!

Like pumpkin, sweet potatoes are rich in carotenoids to help keep your skin beautifully youthful.

They are also brimming in beta carotene, converted into Vitamin A in the body, and responsible for keeping the skin’s lipid barrier strong and preventing moisture loss through the pores, which means glowy, hydrated, happy skin!

We hope this post inspires you to embrace this gorgeous new season and everything it has to offer! 

It’s the perfect time of year to light some incense, put on some jams, make a steaming mug of tea and spend a cozy day whipping up fall treats that you can share with those people you love!

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