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3 Ways To Find Joy In The Little Things Throughout Your Day

Hands up if Friday is what you live for week after week!

Don’t worry if yours is way up there; we know how easy it is to fall into a monotonous routine and end up feeling pretty bored, if not a little low. 

We’ve been conditioned to stick to a routine when it comes to work and while routine certainly does have it’s benefits, one drawback is that it can sap your creativity and take up all your time, leaving you with no time to focus on those things that are important to you.

But we bet if you looked at your current schedule, you’d find some sneaky ways to easily incorporate a little joyful boost into your usual routine. 

For example, why not ditch the IG scrolling on your lunch break and listen to an uplifting and soothing podcast instead!

In this article we will share 3 more ways you can find joy in the little things so you can start looking forward to every day, even Mondays!

Start the day right

If you start your day in a hurry, without giving yourself any attention, chances are you’re setting yourself up for a whole day of the same.

Starting your day right can truly be a game changer and transform your entire life, we aren’t kidding!

Set your alarm a little earlier if you need so you can have anywhere from at least 15 minutes to 30 minutes to indulge in something that serves you, before rushing to get ready. 

Start with 5 minutes of deep breathing while you envision your perfect day and feel these positive emotions while you breathe in and out. 

Then enjoy your morning cup of coffee while reading or watching a few minutes of your favorite show. Do a few deep yoga stretches and don’t forget to make time for breakfast!

Add a little luxury to your day

We recently introduced our beautiful High Vibe Face Mist and trust us when we tell you that you will feel like a pampered queen when you treat your skin to a sensual spritz of this gorgeous elixir!

We have formulated this mist with a unique blend of essential oils that will help to lift your spirits and boost your mood while it hydrates your skin in pure indulgence!

We recommend carrying this with you everywhere and treating yourself to a spritz whenever you need it!

Do one thing you love

When is the last time you did something that sets your soul on fire?

Maybe it has been too long and it’s about time you reunite with your voice, your body, your paintbrush again.

Nothing saps joy faster than neglecting your passions so make time every single day to enjoy something you love for at least 20 minutes.

Maybe arrange to do it after work so you have something to look forward to all day, that alone will put a pep in you step!

We hope this article has inspired you to take your happiness into your own hands! You deserve to live a life of pure joy so start taking back your power today!

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