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Facial Oil vs Cream: What’s the Difference?

Popular for years, decades even, face creams are the go-to for many when putting together their skin care routine. 

But with the new kid on the skincare block, facial oils, becoming more and more of the norm in skincare routines all over the world, you may at some point have found yourself wondering how and even if it’s worth it to make space for an oil in your skincare ritual. 

In this post we want to share the differences between an oil and a cream so you can get excited about what an oil can do for your skin.



Face Creams

Creams are water-based, meaning their active ingredients are suspended in water. 

Some companies offer aloe as the base, which provides the same benefits as plain water, along with antioxidants and nutrients for a supercharged boost. 

The thing about water-based products is that they require at least one or two preservatives to keep the product fresh and prevent bacteria-growth, and sometimes these preservatives can be synthetic ingredients that aren’t ideal for both your skin and your health. 

Of course not all moisturizers contain synthetic preservatives, as long as you know how to read the label and purchase an all natural, organic product you should be good to go!

Moisturizers are great for adding hydration to parched skin and because they already contain water, they can be applied to completely dry skin as the water particles allow for proper absorption. 



Facial Oils

Oils contain no water and because they are 100% oil-based, they do not require a preservative since the oils are natural preservatives all on their own. 

Oils provide the same benefits as moisturizers, but on a far superior level!

Because oils are not watered down or diluted in any way, their active ingredients are far more concentrated and potent, allowing them to sink deep into your pores and infuse your skin with a cocktail of antioxidants and nutrients to target all your skin care woes. 

Once you introduce a high-quality oil into your life, you’ll be amazed at the way your skin starts to glow with radiant health!

Always apply your oil to slightly damp skin for best absorption. 

Oils can be worn alone or you can go ahead and layer your moisturizer on top for added hydration, however, oils are often good all on their own. Just be sure to always layer with SPF if you’re heading out for the day.

Our Skin Superfood Serum contains a gorgeous elixir of oils and excellent antioxidants to layer your skin in a veil of utter luxury!

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