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Welcome to Paradise


I started this company to capture the essence of what I love. I've spent almost half my life on the tropical side of the island of Maui, Hawai'i and some of the earliest memories I have are dancing barefoot in the jungle with fragrant flowers in my blonde baby hair and crying myself to sleep the night before we'd leave. Every. Single. Time.

I grew up traveling the world. From the moment I was born, I was hoisted up into a baby backpack and caravanned around the map with my family and my dad's band. You could say I literally hit the ground running and became very accustomed to life on the go and constant new sights. Tour buses were my cradle and the road was my home. Except for Maui.

Through the vagabond lifestyle, I developed a love for beauty of all kinds. The different types in each ecosystem to the different types in each culture and face. I became enthralled with what was beautiful to each individual and the light in people's eyes when I could recognize what made them feel beautiful.

My love for beauty had me crafting new ways to make myself glow within and without, but I wanted to share this. This led me to makeup artistry, then fashion design, and then skincare. The common thread between all these endeavors was confidence. Each one a different way to feel good. I began to see that when people are confident, they can literally rule the world. 

The skin became the most fascinating one of all, because it's skin. We're all thriving in different tones and types of it, and it is so naturally radiant and beautiful if we take care of it the right way. We want to feel good in our--what? Skin. It's what's truly ours at the end of the day. We're still left with it when we take off our clothes and makeup.

So everything in my life was clear. I love self-love, I love beauty, and I can do it skincare. But there were two major pieces missing: Maui & ethics. Hilariously specific, but these are the things I decided I couldn't build a life without. Ethics because our world is too infected with toxins to release another product that may or may not kill you, so I decided to do this sustainably: handmade, all-natural, and organic (side-fact: organic produce/ingredients are more nutrient-rich than non-organic ones on top of everything else), and packaged in eco-friendly packaging. I've seen too much of the planet and the detriment to it environmentally and societally to ignore what's going on on every continent. I have always been an earth-child through and through and wouldn't sacrifice a piece of the environment along the way. All this led me back to Maui: the beautiful botanics and the magic they all offer.

I mixed a bit of self-love to share with pure ingredients inspired by the most otherworldly place I've ever known and did it all beyond ethically. This is the recipe for Kama Botanicals: skincare to wholesomely heal, enhance, and inspire confidence for people and our planet. Kama means love.


  • Kama…..can’t wait to see what’s next! I am on my second bottle and just love it! I have spent LOTS of money on skin care products but I have to tell you this one is going to stick. Love the way it seeps into my skin and does not leave a greasy feel. Thanks again!

  • Best wishes on this, Kama! The world needs more of this kind of thinking & living!! :)

    Julie B
  • You rock.


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