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Does it Spark Joy?

About two years ago the craze was all about Marie Kondo's "KonMari Method." This method was shared around the globe through her sweet, simple, metaphorically-direct book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. If you don't know the moral of the story, or have completely forgotten to put it into practice, the idea is to get rid of anything and everything that doesn't "spark joy."

A friend gave me this book in 2016 and I immediately began the clearing. I was shocked about 3 things derived from the process:

  1. How many bags on bags on bags of stuff I was able to donate from my little studio apartment at the time
  2. How much physical weight I lost after the fact
  3. How emotionally and mentally clear I felt as a reflection of my space.

I do recommend the book. Although, the real message you can take right now (even without ever laying eyes on the thing) is to only keep/buy/acquire what you absolutely love. AKA: Don't settle. Your space should only be filled with beauty, joy, cherished memories, and purity.

Try this checklist for some quick tips on how to start your process.

This spring is the perfect time to begin taking your space back, shedding the weight, and thriving. Happy Spring Cleaning!

Ready. Set. Clear.


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