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3 Natural Brightening Skincare Ingredients

In our last blog post, we shared some mouth-watering, healthy recipes with you, all brimming in skin lovin’ antioxidants to help your skin glow from the inside out!

Healthy skin should be treated from the inside out, but also from the outside in.

The products you choose to apply to your skin are very important and the right ingredients can help to brighten your skin while boosting its health for a beautiful, radiant complexion.

In this article, we want to share just a few of our top brightening skincare ingredients, and stay till the end because you can find all these ingredients together in one special product!

Guava Seed Oil

Guavas are found in tropical regions of the world, from South and Central America to Hawaii and one taste of this unique fruit will transport your senses to a lush island oasis!

The high levels of powerful antioxidants, including Vitamin C, are responsible for that dewy glow you’ll experience after just one application, but the nutrient content doesn’t end there!

Antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E work wonderfully together to repair and brighten the skin while neutralizing skin-aging free radicals. 

Guava seed oil also has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties along with its potent anti-aging benefits, making it one ingredient that all skin types can enjoy. 

Prickly Pear Seed Oil

This strange-sounding fruit is actually from a cactus plant, but if you’re able to get around its prickly exterior, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the sweet taste of the special fruit that lies inside. 

Of course, you’re more interested in what it can do for your skin and you won’t be disappointed!

Prickly pear is absolutely jam-packed in an omega 3 fat called linoleic acid. In fact, it boasts an impressive 60% linoleic acid content!

Omega 3 fats help to provide unrivaled hydration at a cellular level and your skin will glow like never before!

Rosehip Oil

Vitamin C is our favorite antioxidant vitamin for providing a seriously sensual glow, and the Vitamin C content of rosehips is so high, your skin won’t know what happened!

Rosehips contain around 2000mg of Vitamin C for just 100g of dried rosehips, much higher than the vitamin C content of the humble orange!

Vitamin C will not only promote a gorgeous glow, it also helps to reduce inflammation for clearer, calmer skin, while boosting collagen for more youthful skin. 


Find all these superstar ingredients, along with other luxurious oils and antioxidants, in our gorgeous Skin Superfood Serum!

Apply with your fingertips to cleansed skin, that is still slightly damp for best absorption, and press the oil into your skin so it can sink deep into your pores and deliver its skin-boosting magic!

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