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How to Grow Long Hair QUICK

Disclaimer: I picked my best friend in Kindergarten because I thought she had the most beautiful hair. This is a terribly shallow fact, but truly, I have always been obsessed with hair. My locks have suffered years of bleach, hot styling tools, clip-in extensions (yes, just clip-in), improper washing, and violent sleeping habits (I toss and turn like a maniac in my sleep, brittling my hair).

And here's the thing: my wish was always simple. All I've ever wanted was for the ends of my hair to break the nipple. You feel me? Just to grow a few inches past the nips and the dream is fulfilled. Well, after committing to seriously trying everything, I have found the remedies. Since doing all of the below, my hair has passed the finish line. My shafts have grown a solid 3 inches in 5 months aka about 1.5x the average growth rate and about 5x my normal growth rate. I have gotten more compliments on the health, shine, volume, and length of my hair than I ever have in my entire life these past few months.

Here's what it takes:

1. Get a shower head filter to sift out harsh, hair-weighing minerals. I have this one.

2. Protect your hair when you sleep every night by wrapping it into a ballet bun with a scrunchy/teletie atop your head, braiding it in a loose braidor sleeping with a silk bonnet (grandma by night, goddess by day).

3. Do headstands or other inversion poses daily to increase blood flow to your scalp. Literally just go upside-down more. 

4. Rinse & repeat your shampoo (aka double wash) every time you wash your hair. Instructions: wet hair, wash with shampoo, rinse, wash with shampoo, rinse, condition.

5. Leave in your conditioner for 3-5 minutes every time in the shower.

6. Do a deep conditioning treatment 1-2 times per week.

7. Reduce heat on hair (if you must curl, use a soft hair tie/scrunchy to tie your hair up like so. Otherwise, embrace air-drying, look into heatless styling, and DEFINITELY use a heat protectant first if you must straighten, blow dry, or curl.

8. Really put in the time to massage your scalp when washing your hair to stimulate blood flow/hair growth.

9. Sweat everyday (or as much as possible) to stimulate growth (give this new sweat routine about 2 months to see your hair and your body transform).

10. Dye as little as possible to revitalize the health of the hair.

11. Drop the extensions. This one hurt me the most to break. I wore extensions every single day for four years. During those four years, my hair became broken, brittle, weak, snappy, and damaged from where the clips hung on. I even lost a lot of what used to be a thick head of hair. Just save these for special occasions. I promise your hair will thank you.

12. Take collagen and zinc supplements in whichever way works–just do it.

13. Wash less. My happy medium is every two nights, but we're all different.

14. Protect your ends with Skin Superfood SerumFull of healthy, restorative oils to seal and moisturize the ends of your hair. Add just a few drops and voilà!

15. Cold rinse. I'm sorry. It sucks, but do it at the end. Also, cold water is good for your nervous system!!

16. Meditate for everything. In this case, for stress-reduction, aka hair-loss-reduction.

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