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3 Essential Oils for Sleep (and Stress!) to Help you Enjoy a Good Night’s Rest

From lavender-infused body lotions and bath bombs, to meditation apps and adult coloring books, the coping mechanisms we use for stress prove the signs of restlessness and turmoil in today’s society is rampant. 

 Unfortunately, too many people turn to prescription sleeping pills to help them unwind enough to get some shut-eye; not realizing that these meds often come with a long list of side-effects. 


Not to mention the fact that all sleeping pills do is cover up the issue, without really addressing the root cause.


Good sleep comes down to a healthy lifestyle where your mind, body and soul are addressed through food, self-love practices and other healthy habits to help you live a happier life overall so peaceful slumber just comes naturally!


We highly recommend incorporating essential oils into your daily routine to help quiet the mental chatter and help you drift off to dreamland.


Here are our top essential oils for sleep and stress which will get you on your way to a wonderful night’s rest!



This beautiful purple flower is actually part of the mint family and has long been used for its excellent soothing effects. Lavender helps to calm a frazzled mind and is one of the best essential oils to beat insomnia. It’s also fantastic for stress so don’t limit its use to the bedroom! Add a few drops of lavender oil to a carrier oil like olive oil and apply to your pulse points before hitting the sheets!



This aromatic flower can instantly boost your spirits when you receive a bunch from the one you love and the oil isn’t any different! Rose essential oil helps to calm the nervous system while lifting the spirits making it ideal for depression, as well as anxiety and panic attacks that may be affecting your sleep. Add a few drops of this gorgeous oil to an essential oil diffuser and allow its soothing aroma to fill the air (and your senses) with its scent that screams self-love!


Ylang Ylang

Who needs sedatives when you have this fabulous oil at your fingertips! Ylang Ylang is derived from the tree of the same name and has powerful antidepressant properties. Inhalation of this oil helps to strengthen the nervous system and will leave you feeling totally blissed out, no prescription needed! Add a few drops to a diffuser or simply add a few drops to a spray bottle with filtered water and spritz around your room for clean soothing air. 

Essential oils are one way you can help to show yourself some love before bedtime and even during the day! Keep a diffuser in your workspace too so you’re better able to manage stress during the day for nights of wonderful, deep slumber!

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