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Why Did We Choose Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Packaging?

While social media has its cons, one of the major benefits is spotlighting certain issues that everyone should be aware of!

Scrolling through Instagram, you are likely to have come across your favorite influencer encouraging you to use a reusable cup when you grab your java at your favorite local coffee shop. Those paper and plastic cups end up in landfills, but surprisingly only 2% of consumers will take their own coffee mug when hitting up their local coffee joint.

Of course, this is just one small area where you can make a positive impact on the Earth. Other ways include taking your own grocery bags to avoid all that plastic, riding your bike when traveling short distances, and always recycling your empty products.

However, this can be a little confusing when it comes to certain products like beauty and skincare. Are they even recyclable? Is glass better than plastic and how do I know if I am buying sustainable products that won’t pollute the environment when it swirls down the drain or ends up in a recycle bin?

In this article, we’ll shed some light on your concerns and share all the ways our products are here to serve you and this precious Earth.

Where we source our materials from

Here, at Kama Botanicals, integrity is our main focus. We make sure that every ingredient we use is sourced from a reputable company, ethical in business and certified organic. For this reason, the majority of our ingredients are sourced right here, in the United States.

When it comes to packaging, what’s the deal? Is plastic or glass better?

While both certainly have their pros and cons, we ended up settling on glass bottles.

You may think plastic is recyclable, but the truth is that up to a whopping 91% of plastic is never recycled. Even if it does make its way to a recycling bin, it has probably two life cycles at most and the sad fact is that plastic often just sits in landfills or ends up in our beautiful oceans, where it puts wildlife at risk.

We love glass because it’s much easier to recycle and, in fact, never loses durability or quality once recycled. This means it has infinite lifecycles.  

Another major pro of our dark, amber glass is that it is better able to filter light to preserve the potent ingredients and eliminate waste.

Our cosmetic box packaging is also completely recyclable. We’re also excited and proud to let you know that we will be screen printing all of our labels by the end of 2019 to eliminate label waste.

A cause close to our hearts

At Kama Botanicals we firmly believe that taking preventative action is the solution to many global issues that our planet and people are faced with.

For this reason, we donate 3% of all proceeds to a very special non-profit organization, called As You Sow. As You Sow makes it their mission to persuade large companies, throughout the world "to make protecting the environment and human rights central to their decisions."

We care about our loyal consumers, as well as this beautiful planet and we try to make this transparent through our packaging, ingredients and through our website. We can all do our part and this is one area that can make a major difference if we all start making a conscious effort to purchase only natural and sustainable products.

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