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3 Quick and Natural Remedies to Promote Skin Balance for Oily Skin

Many people dread oily skin, simply because oily skin usually means breakouts and the last thing you need to worry about in your busy life is an unexpected pimple (or two or three!)

What you may not realize, however, is that oily skin has its perks! 


Oily skin actually ages slower than a dry complexion and excess oil may help to protect your skin against environmental aggressors. Of course, when oil production gets out of control you may then experience clogged pores and blemishes so it is important to find natural ways to get it under control.

It may be tempting to rush off to your local drugstore and get your hands on the first acne targeted product you see, but keep in mind that conventional products are usually full of harsh and drying synthetic ingredients that can strip your skin of beneficial oils and may even impair your lipid barrier, which then puts you at risk for a heap of other pesky skin conditions!

So, tip number one: avoid conventional products and opt only for all-natural, nutrient-infused ones!

In this article, we’ll share 3 more effective, yet gentle and most importantly, all-natural ways to balance oil production so you can feel confident in your skin!

Go against conventional wisdom… use oil for oily skin

It’s easy to assume that facial oils will increase oil in your skin, but then you’d truly be missing out on some excellent active ingredients that can make all the difference!

While some oils may be too heavy for acne skin types, others are just what your troubled skin has been looking for.

Guava oil, for instance, is brimming in antioxidant vitamins to repair skin while linoleic acids provide powerful anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness. Avocado oil is rich in Vitamin E to neutralize free radicals and reduce the appearance of scars and lemon peel will aid in killing acne-causing bacteria while promoting a gorgeous glow!

Find all these luxurious oils in our Skin Superfood Serum.

Don’t turn the water too hot

Ever rinsed your skin with really hot water and found that it feels tight and dry when you’ve dried it off?

Hot water strips the skin of beneficial oils needed for healthy skin and then leaves you with that tight, parched feeling that no amount of oil will remedy right away. 

Keep the water lukewarm and follow with a cold rinse for those pores. Make sure to calm your skin with a gentle, pH-balanced toning mist (coming soon!) to ensure your sebum levels stay perfectly balanced and a good serum or moisturizer.

Watch the sugar

There’s long been controversy around whether or not sugar really does cause pimples, but since it does cause internal inflammation, it makes sense that you would experience breakouts and issues if you consume too much of the sweet treats. 

Other foods that cause inflammation include processed foods, dairy, and red meat, so try and avoid or limit these food triggers and stick to a clean, whole foods diet, rich in antioxidants and nutrients to feed your skin with what it really needs!

We hope you follow these tips and see that oily skin doesn’t have to rule your life! Instead, work with it and you’ll soon be grateful for skin that ages gracefully and has a beautiful glow!

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  • Very informative and beneficial article. My skin only looks it’s best when I’m using my superfood facial oil! Can’t wait for more products from your line:)

    Elizabeth Gregor
  • I am SO EXCITED to hear your toner mist is coming soon. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the sample and have been waiting anxiously for it’s release! My skin never looked or felt better then when I used your toner and facial oil. ❤

    Pam Neaville

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